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And just like that...

Wow, I have not updated my site in a looooong time! My cv is out of date, my images and videos are out of date, my only excuse is that it has been the craziest year of my life career. I love my job and have been fortunate to work on some fabulous tv and film projects! So as 2021 comes to a close please look out for the following tv shows that I got to work that will come out in 2022

- Suspicion apple tv

- Embankment apple tv

- SAS Rogue Heroes bbc

- Gangs of London Sky

- Canoe ITV

- The man that fell from Earth Paramount TV

- Lockwood and Co Netflix

I'm excited for all these projects to come out next year and for you too see them all!

In the mean time here is some work that came out earlier this year!

Thanks to all the people this year that made it amazing <3

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